I am thrilled to present my latest painting, “Empowered.” This painting features an awe-inspiring portrayal of an empowered woman evolving into a deity—Mother Nature herself. Cloaked in verdant vines and leaves, she embodies the very essence of the Earth, a living testament to the beauty and fury of nature.

Behind her roars an inferno, a stark reminder of the fiery power she wields. She stands in a heroic pose, captured from an angle that magnifies her grandeur, compelling viewers to look up in awe and reverence. Her flowing hair cascades like a river of life and fury, part of the fire, embodying the untamed spirit of the natural world.

In her wake, a trail of flames and destruction tells a vivid story: she is not just a serene caretaker but a fierce protector of the planet. She is enraged, her anger a palpable force, seething at the humans who have wrought havoc on her beloved Earth. This is Mother Nature unleashed, ready to exact retribution on those who have dared to desecrate her domain.

“Empowered” is more than a painting—it is a clarion call, a powerful statement about the state of our world. It captures the raw, untamed energy of a deity who has had enough, whose patience has been tested beyond limits. She is ready to reclaim her power and restore balance, no matter the cost.

This work is a testament to the strength and resilience of women, to the indomitable spirit of nature, and to the urgent need for humanity to heed the warnings of the natural world. It stands as a bold, unapologetic reminder that Mother Nature will not be silenced, and her wrath will be felt by all who dare to undermine her.

“Empowered” is not just the best thing I’ve ever painted to this date—it’s a magnum opus that challenges, inspires, and awakens. It is a tribute to the fierce power of nature and the unyielding spirit of a woman who embodies that force. This painting is a visual symphony, a tour de force that will leave an indelible mark on all who behold it.

Reference Attribution

Because of the constant questioning of originality in today’s world, even though I show every single day I work on these painting, I’ve created this section to attribute all the imagery I use to source that I own or have legally licensed.

For this painting I used 4 main images. 3 figure images from Artstation.com that I purchased the license for here and 1 Ai generated image. With these images I created my own digital version of this painting that I worked from. The dress of vines and leaves is painted from imagination.

If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process