Definite Process



Figure Painting Session 7: Finished

This figure painting is finished after 7 sessions. The purpose of this painting was to figure out a definite process with painting the figure from life.

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Figure Painting Session 6: Open Studio Canceled

Saturday I normally paint from a live model but unfortunately the model had an emergency and only two artists showed up so the open studio was canceled. No worries, I’m still painting.

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Figure Painting Session 5: Slow Progress

There is something calming about the slow progress of these figure paintings. It is almost like a daily meditation.

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Figure Painting Session 4: Back on Track

Today’s session was much better and I feel like this painting is now back on track. It is amazing how one simple change can make a big difference.

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Figure Painting Session 3: Losing Direction

My first two sessions went really well because I had a goal and a clear direction. But this session didn’t go near as well and I feel as if the whole painting is falling apart.

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Step By Step Figure Painting: Session 2

Today’s session with this figure painting was all about refining my drawing and placement of forms.

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Step By Step Figure Painting

Motivated by my latest struggle in painting from the live model I spend my session today creating a step by step figure painting process.

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  • Work: 1177
  • Size: 15" x 11"
  • Medium: Oil on Paper
  • Sessions: 7
  • Start date: 11/7/2016
  • End date: 11/13/2016