In the spirit of Vulnerability Three I’m working this painting up in many layers of strokes that go across the form.

I want to communicate depth in the form as well as depth in the skin. My ultimate goal with these latest paintings is to try and get the figure to look “hyperalive”.

I want the body to feel alive like there is a massive amount of energy under the skin. While at the same time having a striking composition.

I feel like I’m getting closer on the “hyperalive” part but the composition didn’t work out the way I hoped.

Total time: 68 hours



  • Work: 1850
  • Size: 20" x 30"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 18
  • Start date: 11/23/2021
  • End date: 1/8/2022


3273: 1851, Session 15

With some small changes this painting is finished! Two in one week!

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3270: 1850, Session 18

I’m calling this painting finished but I still don’t have a name yet.

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3269: 1850, Session 17

Moving much faster on this painting today. Loving it.

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3268: 1850, Session 16

I’m finding my flow on this last layer and the painting is looking amazing!

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3267: 1850, Session 15

I’m working on the final layer for this painting and can’t wait for it to be complete.

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3253: Curvature, Session 14

I would have liked to call this done but I really needs another layer after it dries.

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3252: Curvature, Session 13

I’m almost positive that I will finish this layer next session.

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3251: Curvature, Session 12

I’m getting so close to finishing this layer of the painting, very exciting!

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3250: Curvature, Session 11

The more I work on this painting the more I love it.

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3249: Curvature, Session 10

I’m loving how the color and value transitions over the skin as it moves into shadow.

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3248: Curvature, Session 9

I’m trying a new medium today and it will either be awesome or kill this painting.

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3247: Curvature, Session 8

I’m moving down the painting refining, establishing chroma and form.

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3246: Curvature, Session 7

Back to curvature and I’m bringing the drawing and form back in line.

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3235: Curvature, Session 6

I’ve finished this stage of the painting. The next stage will start after it’s dry.

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3234: Curvature, Session 5

The more I work on this painting the more I like it.

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3233: Curvature, Session 4

I’m having a great time refining this painting and letting go.

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3232: Curvature, Session 3

Painting over the crazy texture and grayish tones is super fun.

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3225: Curvature, Session 2

I put so much paint on that I had to evacuate my studio. Subtle, not so much.

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3224: Curvature, Session 1

Starting a new painting and I want to focus on very subtle tones

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