After 20 hours of work I’m done with this painting.

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Slightly Dry Paint

I’ve begin to notice that I work better on rendering subtle flesh tones when I’m working over slightly dry paint.

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Green Skin

It is interesting how diverse the colors are in skin tones, I find myself painting green skin very often.

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The Dark Side

This whole 2 hour session was spent on the dark side of the model’s back and the cast shadows.

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Layers Upon Layers

I feel like this painting is starting to progress now after putting layers upon layers of subtle skin tone over subtle skin tone.

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Up Hill Battle

Today and yesterday has really felt like an up hill battle with this painting.

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Small Changes

Today’s painting session was full of small changes and I feel like I didn’t progress much.

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Where to Start

Whenever I start a painting, or in this case starting again, I spend some time trying to figure out where to start. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is difficult, like today.

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High Chroma Block-in

For this session I did a high chroma block-in of the figure. Chroma, is referring to the intensity of the colors.

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Two Paintings In Progress

In order to facilitate a better glazing experience I have started a second painting so that I can give the first painting ample time to dry.

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  • Work: 1209
  • Size: 16" x 12"
  • Medium: Oil on Paper
  • Sessions: 10
  • Start date: 2/2/2017
  • End date: 2/21/2017