A Different Approach


At this point in my painting journey I had taken a different approach to my still life painting. The difference was not huge but it’s there, mainly it was a change in thinking.

I painted on actual stretched canvas, it had been a long while since I painted on anything but boards. Mostly due to trying to save space but I couldn’t pass up trying these Centurion Linen canvases.

I spent a long time composing and drawing out this still life. Even though my iPhone takes horrible photos for this type of work I was still able to use it in composing. The great thing about using the iPhone for this is that the screen is the size of a thumbnail and the Photos app allows me to crop the image easily. If I could only blur the photo on the phone a bit to get rid of all the details a long with the color then it would perfect.

At that point I was calling the painting “A Good Foundation” but it’s name changed over time.


A Good Foundation: Session 3

I finished my good foundation still life tonight with this third session. I was surprised that I finished it tonight I was expecting it to take much longer, maybe one more session but I guess the way I was working was faster than I thought.

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A Good Foundation: Session 2

After a long drive home through snowy weather and bad roads we arrive home safely and I’m able to work on this still life again. Which I’m now calling “A Good Foundation”, due to the fact that everything is stacked upon The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques by Ralph Mayer.

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Still Life, Starting Over

I had such a frustration session with this painting two days ago that I decided that starting over was the best course. I wiped out the old painting and began the drawing again today.

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A Different Approach Still Life Session 2

Tonight was super frustrating. There was a bit of excitement before I started on this still life again and lots of distractions. This resulted in lots of rushed work on the still life and what I would consider a failed painting session.

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A Different Approach Still Life Session 1

With some recent trials in different materials I have taken a different approach to my still life painting. The difference is not huge but it’s there, mainly it’s a change in thinking.

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  • Work: 896
  • Size: 10" x 8"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 5
  • Start date: 12/28/2015
  • End date: 1/4/2016