A Different Approach


At this point in my painting journey I had taken a different approach to my still life painting. The difference was not huge but it’s there, mainly it was a change in thinking.

I painted on actual stretched canvas, it had been a long while since I painted on anything but boards. Mostly due to trying to save space but I couldn’t pass up trying these Centurion Linen canvases.

I spent a long time composing and drawing out this still life. Even though my iPhone takes horrible photos for this type of work I was still able to use it in composing. The great thing about using the iPhone for this is that the screen is the size of a thumbnail and the Photos app allows me to crop the image easily. If I could only blur the photo on the phone a bit to get rid of all the details a long with the color then it would perfect.

At that point I was calling the painting “A Good Foundation” but it’s name changed over time.


If you would like a print of this painting please send me a message with what size you would like here.

The Creation Process

A Good Foundation: Session 3
A Good Foundation: Session 2
Still Life, Starting over
A different approach still life session 2
A Different Approach Still Life Session 1