With this painting I discovered my love for portraiture more than figurative work. I love the subtle emotion on the face and trying to capture that while instilling my own style is fantastic.

Also with this painting I’m borrowing ideas from video production and will begin playing with depth of field throughout many of my next paintings to come.

I don’t know this person. I pulled the image from Unsplash. I didn’t need to take the photo, I just have a desire to paint portraits of people across the world. It was nice to work with non Caucasian skin as well.

  • Work: 1853
  • Size: 20" x 30"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Sessions: 26
  • Start date: 12/26/2021
  • End date: 3/02/2022


3323: 1853 Finished!
It’s been a long and exciting journey with this painting. I learned a ton! see the post
3322: 1853, Session 25
I’m so close to finishing this painting. I’m almost certain to finish it tomorrow. see the post
3321: 1853, Session 24
Back to 1853 and I was able to finish his left arm and leg. see the post
3302: 1853, Session 23
It’s time to let this painting dry for another week or so while I move on to the next. see the post
3301: 1853, Session 22
I’m working on the arms and legs now, struggling to fix the bad values on my block-in. see the post
3300: 1853, Session 21
I’m done with this layer on the shirt. Next session I move to his arms. see the post
3299: 1853, Session 20
I was hoping to finish this painting without another drying time but the pattern on the shirt needs it. see the post
3298: 1853, Session 19
I’m working my way across the shirt with a different set of brushwork than the body. see the post
3297: 1853, Session 18
I moved back to this portrait to finish it while The Pear Tree dries. see the post
3289: 1853, Session 17
I finished the background and it looks AMAZING! see the post
3288: 1853, Session 16
Happy anniversary to me! 9 years straight and I’m going stronger than ever before. see the post
3287: 1853, Session 15
The portrait is looking much better after some drawing corrections this morning. see the post
3286: 1853, Session 14
I’m still working on the head because my AM art time as been cut a bit short. But my sleep is great! see the post
3285: 1853, Session 13
I’m would love to have this painting done by the end of the month but I don’t think that is going to happen. see the post
3284: 1853, Session 12
Only an hour of work today but I was able to get the right eye dialed in. see the post
3283: 1853, Session 11
More distractions than I would like this morning but I was able to get a good hour in on this painting. see the post
3266: 1853, Session 10
I’m very happy to say that this layer for this painting is done, now it dries for a week. see the post
3265: 1853, Session 9
I wasn’t able to get into focus for my painting session today and it shows. see the post
3264: 1853, Session 8
I killed it today with some super focus flow! see the post
3263: 1853, Session 7
Happy New Year! I started it off great will lots of work on this painting. see the post
3262: 1853, Session 6
I’ve got to get the drawing right on the shirt to capture his lean forward. see the post
3261: 1853, Session 5
I’m taking the next couple days to work the drawing up with a bit more detail. see the post
3260: 1853, Session 4
I moved my art time to earlier in the morning and it working out wonderfully. see the post
3259: 1853, Session 3
I started painting purposely using very low chroma colors in preparation for many layers ahead. see the post
3258: 1853, Session 2
I spent enough time today to refine the drawing and add a layer of clear medium. see the post
3257: 1853, Session 1
It’s colder now so the painting is drying slowly and I need to put a new painting in the rotation. see the post

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