Never Good Enough

Ever feel like no matter what you do that it’s never good enough? I think we all have had this feeling at some point. It almost makes you want to just give up, quit, and live a basic existence so you don’t have to strive for anything. Just coast through life with a basic job, […]

Falling is an Opportunity

This painting started out as a challenge created by our weekly artist group. The challenge was to create a painting using only one hue. Basically pick one color, or one tube of paint, and only add black or white to it. Side note, when adding white to a paint it’s called Tinting, when adding black […]

A Change in the Tide

The subject didn’t matter although I like the image. The real purpose of this painting was to get an idea of what I can do with acrylic paint. While I was working on Falling is an Opportunity I became very annoyed at all the complexity, dry time and smell of oil paint. I needed to […]

The Time to Contemplate

Influenced by Olga Krimon and her use of different types of mark making in her paintings I’m using this very calm subject to play with texture and marks. I love the subject, it’s quiet, has a narrative and I think can connect with many people that have been captured by the beauty of the sun […]

Ocean Wind

It’s important to me that I do art that is meaningful to me in some way. Either it’s a statement I’m trying to communicate or it’s something I just want to paint, like figures. Because of this there is a constant tension between the enjoyment of creation and making products that sell. This painting is […]


I am thrilled to present my latest painting, “Empowered.” This painting features an awe-inspiring portrayal of an empowered woman evolving into a deity—Mother Nature herself. Cloaked in verdant vines and leaves, she embodies the very essence of the Earth, a living testament to the beauty and fury of nature. Behind her roars an inferno, a […]


This painting started as a monthly challenge with the creators group that meets every Sunday morning. The challenge was to take a song and make a painting from it. Simple. But not so much. Songs are wonderful because they have the ability to whisk us off into a state of intense emotion almost instantly. What […]

Bynum Wedding Portrait

It was an absolute privilege to paint this wonderful couple celebrating their wedding in the breathtaking paradise of Hawaii. My hope is that this work of art resonates deeply with them, becoming a cherished piece that accompanies them throughout their long and beautiful journey together. I poured my heart and soul into capturing the essence […]


In a struggle of not knowing what to paint while out on a day in the park with another artist I reached for what is easiest, Ai generated ideas. This painting is shamelessly painted directly from an Ai generated image. There is not much meaning to it beyond that. It was all about me having […]

Dystopian Paradise

This is the opposite of what you see most from artists in Honolulu. Normally you see everything happy, bright, cheerful and a great outlook on life. But for this painting my head was in a negative space. This happens easily when you live in a place inundated with humanity and when you only notice the […]


Inspiration can come from anywhere, and even though I’m not focusing on painting scenes specifically from Hawaii, although, if I did paint those, they would probably sell better. I was influenced today by a digital image by an artist named Tuomas Korpi. I really like the colors of the image and I like the visuals […]

Her Own World

I painted this from an artificially generated image. I liked the composition and the color combinations but especially the abstract background. I empathized with the person in the image as my mind is active while I have my headphones on listening to music. I imagined the background to be a representation of random thoughts and […]

Empowered Study

Empowered oil painting of a woman by chris beaven

When I first embarked on this painting, I envisioned it at a certain size, believing it would be enough to capture my vision. Yet, as I delved deeper into the work, a profound realization dawned on me: the subject of my painting, an empowered woman evolving into a deity, demanded a canvas far larger than […]

Cliff Richards

Cliff Richards portrait painting by chris beaven

I love finishing a painting after over a week of hard focused work on it. I’m super happy with the outcome of this portrait. And it’s my first portrait commission! While painting Cliff Richards and thinking about portrait commissions I’m wondering how the person that is buying this painting will react to how I paint. […]

Mother Nature Study

A portrait oil painting of mother nature by chris beaven

Her hair was like fire, and the very top of the hair blends in with a super bright sky like the sun, and then her face blooms out of the hair, and then as the painting goes down from the top to the bottom, her hair and her body turns into the ocean, and as […]

Confused Study

An oil painting of a figure by chris beaven titled confused study

This is a smaller painting that is a study for an upcoming larger painting. The larger painting will feature a completely different figure. I used this small oil painting to get a deeper understanding of the distortion of the image. This is part of my emotion series and I wanted the idea of “Confused” to […]

Hanah 2

An oil painting portrait of a model in a princess costume by chris beaven

I painted Hanah while she was modeling for the Downtown Art Center portrait painting class in Honolulu. She continued the same pose from last week but before I went into class I had this idea of royalty. I envisioned royalty being depicted on high so the viewer would be looking up at her. So I […]


This painting marks a turning point in my career back to figure painting. The figure represents myself and many other people on the planet right now that are fed up with political, social and environmental issues. This painting is the beginning of as series of work where I address emotions head on and try to […]


an oil painting of a yellow hibiscus flower by chris beaven

I painted a this hibiscus in oil while showing my other artwork at the zoo fence in Honolulu. I couldn’t start a figure painting, or at least I didn’t want to try in the limited time I had, so this flower was a stand in. What would it be like if I treated a flower […]

Authentic Waikiki 3

I painted this while showing my art on the Zoo Fence in Waikiki. I enjoy walking down to the beach and taking a quick photo of the light on the hotels there and then doing a quick painting of them. Date Finished: 12/31/2023 Size: 6″ x 12″ Materials

Authentic Waikiki

I had this idea of just looking on Google Maps and picking out photos that people had already taken of the areas down in Waikiki or pretty places in Honolulu. But as I was going through the photos, I noticed that there is this tendency like advertisements to try and take these beautiful photos things […]

Lion Love

I’m experimenting with painting animals that have some sort of emotion. It boarders on anthropomorphic but I feel that this is how most of us connect with our furry friends. Date Finished: 11/25/2023 Size: 6″ x 12″ Materials

Polar Bear

I surprised myself today by finishing a painting I’m super happy with while showing on the zoo fence. Plus, I felt really good about this painting after random strangers commented on the emotion they saw within the polar bear. This is the most important to me, communicating emotion. It’s great to hear how well done […]

Tiger 6×12

I’ve painted tigers before and they are still fascinating animals to me. The stripes are both difficult to paint and impactful. Date Finished: 11/14/2023 Size: 6″ x 12″ Materials

Norwegian Forest Cat

This is the second pet portrait example that I’ve done and this one has a focus on expressive brush work. Date Finished: 11/6/2023 Size: 6″ x 12″ Materials


This painting marks the beginning of my series of pet portraits. I pulled an image from the web of this cute Corgi and I want this painting to be an example of what I can do. I would love for animal lovers, like myself, to see this painting and love to have me immortalize their […]

Green Sea Turtle

I’m extremely excited for this next painting. This painting could very well be the beginning of paintings that give me true purpose in my life. So many different things are coming together and I’m finding connections within these animal painting that I find it hard to contain the excitement. Yesterday Pattie and I went to […]

Pan Troglodytes

An artist friend is selling paintings of chimpanzees in Honolulu and they sell really well. He, and everyone else, calls them monkeys but they are apes. The joke is that he tries to get me to paint monkeys because they sell so well. But I see the monkey as a metaphor for what I love […]

Expressive Yellow

The beginning of this painting was a lot of palette knife work and throwing paint around to make a big mess. The second session on this painting is where the magic happened. I pulled that mess together into an expressive blast of sunset yellow that explodes out of of the picture plane. Date Finished: 10/15/2023 […]


What is it about landscapes that feature a person looking out to see that is so contemplative? A late day, the sun going down, and saturated colors seems to bring out internal thoughts in us. It’s a confluence of everything culminating in reflection. Date Finished: 10/9/2023 Size: 6″ x 12″ Materials


The day prior I worked in a manner of expressive broken color and today I continued with that idea but pushed it a bit further. This is as energetic as it gets! Date Finished: 10/8/2023 Size: 8″ x 10″ Materials

Striking Planes

I feel as if I’m constantly experimenting with how to apply paint. Many times I’ve very details but there are days when my inner Van Gogh comes out and I want broken color all over the place. I wan the energy to transfer from my brain, out of my hand and onto something physical. Date […]


The variations of sea and sky are infinite. Yet, I find myself using very similar color mixtures for many of these paintings. The central part of this painting is golden then spreads to orange, purple and a beautiful deep teal blue. Dramatic and beautiful. I’ve worked hard to capture the subtle colors and texture in […]


Another wonderful day on the zoo fence showing my work and talking with a bunch of wonderful people. My original idea was to keep it very loose and expressive but I’m drawn to the detail so that’s what ended up happening. Date Finished: 10/1/2023 Size: 8″ x 10″ Materials

Pastel Sky

I wanted to work on a landscape that was high key with super bright colors all over. I love the high contrast paintings I’ve been making but I wanted to see how a lighter painting will go. It will also be nice to not have to worry so much about dust on a painting. The […]

A Miracle

I’m going back to adding figures. I love the narrative, the story, and I want the viewer to put themselves in the scene and have a conversation with the work. I threw down a bunch of paint quickly to keep this striking scene as energetic as possible. I’m wondering how other feel about a figure […]

Rush of Wind

This painting has a similar movement to my previous painting “On the Fence”. I painted this while showing at Art on the Zoo Fence in Honolulu. Date Finished: 9/24/2023 Size: 8″ x 10″ Materials

On the Fence

This was the first painting I created while showing my work at Art on the Zoo Fence in Honolulu Hawaii. It was a ton of fun! I had a wonderful time showing my work and talking to a bunch of people. Art on the Zoo Fence has been going on since the 50’s which is […]

Things Left Unsaid

This painting is a continuation of the previous theme. Two people, together but with so much complexity between them in a beautiful place. I wonder if they even see the beauty of the landscape around or if they are completely focused on the turmoil within? During the painting and recording of this painting I recorded […]

Winding Down

It’s a rare moment when you’re with someone that is special to you in a place so spectacular and the rest of humanity is absent. This painting is an homage to those moments when it seems that there are only you and the one you love on the planet and only you two are experiencing […]

Before the End

I’m choosing a very simple subject to paint. Again, I’m pushing myself to face simplicity and not get too detailed with my paintings. It’s difficult. Mark Rothko tried his whole life to paint the emotion of music using broad spaces of color. Can I do the same?

Broken Gold

More experimentation with less. Can I be comfortable with big broad brushstrokes for this small painting and leaving it that way? Do the impression I create communicate the majesty of the sky? That is not for me to judge. What do you think?


Low tied and he feels the movement from the endless rush of the waves in low tied. His brain is mesmerized with the bombardment of color from in the sky and the reflection on the sand below. But above all he feels the infinite energy from the the setting sun quickly disappearing into the sea. […]


While painting this I’m reminded of an album cover by Pink Floyd where a white light is being sent through a prism and on the other side a spray of color is ejected. From nothing comes a whole lot of something.


This one is very similar in coloration to Prism which I also started on the same day. What is more prominent for you, the blue or the yellow. There is a clash of colors and both are asking for your attention.

Band of Color

What I’m learning more than anything with these landscapes is to take the time and place what I see where it’s supposed to go the first time and try not to fiddle with it too much and to be comfortable with big blank space for the viewer to rest. In order to have a focus […]

Spray of Purple

I’m trying to get the painting as dynamic as possible and playing with that line between abstraction and representation.

Coastal Wind

When painting a landscape with expressive almost abstract strokes it’s important that the mark making is interesting. It’s something that takes time to develop.


While going through all the art supplies I brought with me to Hawaii I found 10, 8×10 canvases that I had no intention of using. Why? Because of how I’m defining my work now. But I’m letting go of all my previous definitions of myself and being open to whatever. I’m now using these 8×10 […]


I love high contrast imagery. There is tension and dynamism in extreme values. Then I like to turn up the tension even more with complementary colors schemes. Bright colors are only bright because we know how dark things can get. I was so accurate with the painting on the first session that I didn’t have […]


Norupo is an ancient Old Norse poem, written in a form of proto-Scandinavian called Proto-Norse. The poem is about the Old Norse gods and goddesses, and their interactions with the natural world. I chose to name this painting because of the influence of the song of the same name by the band Heilung.

The Days End

With this painting I’ve reached the extent of what oil paint is capable of in regards to color. No matter how bright I can make the paint it can’t seem to get to the crazy intensity and brightness of the original image. I’m close though, and that’s great!

Fire Sky

This painting is at the pinnacle of contrast. Orange and blue! And a whole bunch of complementary colors. Romanticism definitely. I’m started this painting with super loose and quick brushwork then I reworked into the details and it turned out fantastic!

The Arc Toward the Sun

I chose to paint this image specifically for the contrast between complimentary colors and light to dark, it’s passionate.

Water, Wind, Flame

The image for this painting called to me so strongly that I sat down right away and painted it. Start to finish, no stopping.

The Meeting

I love high contrast in the landscape. Not only with light and dark but with the colors as well. It’s moments like this on earth that take our breaths away. We all love the meeting of the land and the sky especially when it’s this dramatic.

Black Sea V2

I love when the landscape can take your breath away with all it’s infinite formations. So when I painted this landscape I was thinking about dynamic movement in the clouds, high contrast lighting and the juxtaposition of highly saturated color with colors less so.

Black Sea V1

This was the first oil painting I completed after moving to Hawaii. It is a new beginning for us and I’ve begun to rethink my art and life. I’ve begun to remove boundaries that I setup upon myself over the years and I found myself painting landscapes and thoroughly enjoying it.

Where I Crossed Over

At the time of painting this it was a very transitional time in my life and I wanted to create an image showing that moment when all of us begin what seems like a new life.


He wasn’t sure how to kill him. There were so many other parts and pieces that needed to fit in place just right along with his death. It needed to happen at the right time and the right place. What would happen afterwards? What needed to happen before?  What would the others think and feel? […]


It didn’t matter where they went or how long it took to get there. They wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere was fine.


The season was turning, soon it would be colder. The waiting would be harder then. In a month the ground will be covered with snow and she will have to wait next to the tree, standing. Or behind the tree when the wind picks up. She would have to remember to bring some warm tea […]

All That Matters

She hates this game. How does he even have WiFi here? We’re in this beautiful place, away from everyone, and he insists on playing on his phone. I just want to spend some REAL time with him, not having to act like I’m interested in what he’s playing just to get close. I’m interested in […]


The mountain spoke to her. She started to hear the mountain’s first word before she knew how to say her own. It sounded somewhat like a long drawn out “s”, or the sighing of the wind between its peaks. You had to not move and be very quiet to hear it. Adults always confused it […]


The camera was set to take a very long exposure of the night sky so there was nothing left for him to do but wonder around the mountainous landscape and make sure he stays out of site of the camera. It was cold. Wearing shorts was a perfect choice while on the long hike. It […]


When he thought of Hawaii the first images that came to mind were beaches and women in bathing suits. But, when he had a chance to go there his urge for hiking and experiencing nature brought him to features of the landscape he had no idea existed. The pinnacle of his trip was when he […]


A young boy who had been playing on the beach all day. Digging holes, finding small creatures from the sea, some dead, some alive and generally having a great time suddenly realizes that it’s getting too dark to see. He morns the end of the full day of playing, he wants it to go on […]

My Heart Beats and Birds Fly

I spend a lot of my time alone. It’s not a bad thing. Most of the time I prefer solitude. I think most of us do. Think about the last time you went on vacation to a beautiful natural place. Where you happier when it was crowded or no one was there? My guess is […]

The Tower

I’m exploring my thoughts and feeling more than I’m exploring the technical aspects of art. After 10+ years of doing art every day I’ve realized that I don’t have a clear understanding of what it means for me to be an artist. What I want to spend the rest of my life creating. I don’t […]

Drowning in the Day to Day

I’m beginning to see narratives everywhere. Random images from Unsplash can have so many stories that I would love to paint. Not all good, not all bad. Watch me paint it.


This painting was done later in the day when my focus was not the best but I was still able to paint something that has a very strong emotion. Watch me paint it.

Breaking Away

I’m beginning to break away from my normal way of working. I’m having fund putting down the initial idea of the painting then blending it all together or scrapping it all off to see what randomness happens, then react to that. Watch me paint it.

Gray Tabby Kitten

Today I relaxed all constraints on creating an image with a narrative and just tried to paint a kitten. I feel like I failed miserably but this is the first kitten I’ve ever painted. Watch me paint it.


Remote. Solitude. Peaceful. Calm. Reflection. Continuous reflection is a big part of my life at the moment. I keep looking inward and hoping for an epiphany. Watch me paint it.


The awe inspiring beauty and majesty of a colossal mountain. “I feel so small and insignificant next to natures wonders but my mind is inspired to achieve something momentous.” This was a fairly simple composition but the challenge was in the edges. Especially with the clouds. I want to have a large variety of edges […]

All This Time on the Wrong Path

Working so hard and achieving so much to realize that you’re on the wrong mountain and the place you need to be is a whole other climb away and there is no clear path to get there. “I thought I had achieved so much and I reached my goal but I’m on the wrong path […]

Where do We Go From Here?

A little bit of an experiment today. I was working too fast on this painting and not caring about the drawing. That was a mistake. Then I ended up seeing how it would work out if I scraped it all off and worked back into it again. What I do like about it is the […]

Once in Tandem, Now Alone

I’ve always been drawn to dramas and sad stories. There is a power in sadness and loss, as long as a person is strong enough to get through the hard times, we always come out on the other end stronger and more resilient than before. Everyone loves the hero story and we all can be […]

No Apologies, This is Me

I’m moving away from to much outside influence and closer to my true inner voice. The artist that I want to be. No apologies, this is me. Watch me paint it.

I’ll Take My Chances

I’m very influenced by Quang Ho right now. I love how he’s able to completely obliterate an image almost to the point of abstraction yet it still represents what he’s painting. I love the energy and power within it. I attempted the same today. I began drawing with a brush rather than a pencil and […]

Looking at a Different World

My paintings are taking longer because I’m taking my time trying to understand how I can simplify each shape into one stroke and not touch it again. It’s take deep focus and planning. This generated image didn’t have the figure in the foreground. The figure is me, there is a gap there and I’m looking […]

Radiating Warmth

Before I used to avoid the overly sweet and emotional imagery but now I’m thinking differently. These moments are becoming more and more important to me. Watch me paint it.

Observing the Indefinite

Trying to get the majesty of a mountain communicated on a 6×6 panel is super hard, almost impossible. But I’ll continue to try.

Walking Home

I’m getting better. Every painting I’m seeing some improvement which is wonderful. At some point that will slow down. But, I’m turning these daily 6×6 painting into Deliberate Practice by taking notes after each session and deconstructing what I’ve learned and how to improve next. Plus, I’m reviewing the notes from the previous day to […]

Where Do You Start?

We are moving to Hawaii. When you have so many attachments to stuff and you have to move all that stuff across an ocean you begin to question why and where do you begin to start moving it all.

The Autumn of Our Youth

I’m only 47 years old at the moment but for some reason death is on my mind a lot lately. I’ve gotten too many emails about people my age or younger dying. Our parents are getting closer to their 80’s as well. All of which leads me to take action and enjoy the time I […]

Time Together

My wife and I read the book “The 5 Love Languages” and we discovered that we both give and receive love in the same way. Time spent together. Watch the creation of this painting here.

Among Giants

On this painting I was trying really hard to limit my brushstrokes down to only the essential ones. I want to be able to describe an object as simply as possible. Watch the creation of this painting here.

Pause and Appreciate

Too often we see paintings done with people in it that look like their living in the 1800’s. I like to depict our current time, yoga pants and all. But with the tried and true wisdom of the ages. Watch the creation of this painting here.

Love on the Edge

I painted this during my live stream. You can watch the live stream here.

The Struggle is Worth the View

The fade of the sky was surprisingly hard to pull off on this one. I spent most of the time on that. Almost every mountain we’ve hiked the view at the end, regardless of how hard it was to get there, was worth it. Watch the creation of this painting.

Power Comes from Within

I’m painting these figures from generated Ai art. I’m embracing the beauty that Ai is able to create and adjusting it to make it my own in oil painting. True power comes from within.

Epic Quiet

I can feel the silence in this one. The slow degrade of the sun over the horizon and the clouds slowly billowing. I could watch it for hours. Watch the creation of this painting.

We are All Greater Than We Think

Regardless of the size I find myself drawn to figurative work. I like the statement I’m trying to make here. Empowerment. Watch the creation of this painting.

Two Peaks

I tend to focus on landscapes for the beginning of these 6×6 paintings. I’m not as skilled as I like to be with such a small canvas and a limited time so simple landscapes help me bridge the gap between my effort and success. Watch the creation of this painting.

Slow Fade of Light

I love how the light intensifies as the sun goes down and the termination of warm colors slowly sink into blues. Watch the creation of this painting.

Love and Stars

After a big change with my art recently I’ve decided to focus on smaller paintings, 6×6 to be exact, for a long time. I want to complete paintings daily and have fun doing it. This small size can do that and so much more. Watch the creation of this painting. This is the first of […]

Perseverance (Digital)

This was the first digital painting I’ve completed on my live stream. It took a total of 23 episodes on the stream to finish the painting. I started this painting as a comprehensive tutorial on how to take an idea from nothing to complete digitally then into a large oil painting. You can see every […]


This was the first oil painting I’ve completed on my live stream. It took around 55 episodes on the stream to finish the painting and this was one of the most complex oil painting that I’ve ever done. I started this painting as a comprehensive tutorial on how to take an idea from nothing to […]

The Dreams of Two Brothers

This painting started out as tremendous motivation from Ai art that I had generated on Midjourney. It was a combination of 5-10 images that I had generated and edited in Krita. Through the progress of the painting I began to feel a connection to the two young figures and seeing them as avatars for my […]

The Passage

This is my second painting that was influenced by Ai work that I generated. I love the vast landscape and the epic scale as compared to the figures. I imagined a story of a youth traveling to a far off barren place to face a difficult trial before the leaders of his people. The working […]

Other Worlds V1

This is my first large painting that was completely influenced by Ai work that I generated. The previous were of smaller size. This painting was a revelation of freedom for me in creative expression and may mark the turning point in my art career of breaking away from strict representation of the real world. This […]

Valley Aflame V2

This is almost the same exact painting as Valley Aflame V1. The difference is that I got my digital art printed on a canvas then I painted over it in oil. I wanted the conversation of digital Ai influenced work and traditional materials to come closer together. It was a joy seeing how more intense […]

Valley Aflame V1

This was another painting influenced by art that I generated using Ai. This one was deeply influenced by the epic landscapes by Albert Bierstadt. I also wanted a human element within this landscape to create some sort of narrative. The long journey or a journey into the unknown.


This painting marks a huge turning point in my art. Before this painting I didn’t have much of an idea of what to paint. After this painting I have hundreds of paintings I want to paint. Why? Because this is also the first painting influenced by Ai generated art. I was with my family walking […]

The Pear Tree

Detail Images I don’t have any models that I can pay. Or, to be more accurate, I don’t have any models that I can afford to pay. This leads me to using myself as subject matter. At the beginning, the purpose of this painting was simple. Get a great photo of someone and paint it. […]


A portrait of a black man by Chris Beaven with colorful clothes and background

With this painting I discovered my love for portraiture more than figurative work. I love the subtle emotion on the face and trying to capture that while instilling my own style is fantastic. Also with this painting I’m borrowing ideas from video production and will begin playing with depth of field throughout many of my […]


an oil painting by Chris Beaven of a nude woman lying down showing her head and chest in profile

I was a reticent in painting this image because of the nudity. Before I didn’t care but when I start showing in galleries and painting I love are rejected due to nudity I start to question if I need to show it or not. I painted it anyway. I could paint for others, I could […]


an oil painting by Chris Beaven showing a the hip and hand of a woman lying down titled faded

The title “Faded” was created when I was developing the composition for this painting. Originally the figure and the background was going to be faded together with lots of subtle tone. That didn’t happen so the title really doesn’t match. Regardless I’m going to keep the title as is because I really don’t like coming […]


In the spirit of Vulnerability Three I’m working this painting up in many layers of strokes that go across the form. I want to communicate depth in the form as well as depth in the skin. My ultimate goal with these latest paintings is to try and get the figure to look “hyperalive”. I want […]

Vulnerability Two

an oil painting by Chris Beaven showing the back of a woman

Part of the purpose of my vulnerability series is about the subject and part is about myself. I’m trying to be vulnerable. By trying new things, pushing boundaries, getting comfortable with failure or ridicule. This painting was the first step out of that comfort zone. A step into less detail and more abstraction. I would […]