Painting Thighs and a New Website Theme

For today’s session I’m working on the thighs for the female figure painting and I released my new blog theme.

I designed and built this new blog theme to have much larger images throughout the site. I did this in response to the new digital camera I purchased and to show of the much better pictures taken. The downside to this is that my blog will load much slower for those people with very slow internet connections , but if your viewing my new theme on  a large screen you will see the much higher quality images and their full width. Regardless of the downsides I’m much happier with this theme and I hope to keep it for a long while.

New website theme full screen
New website theme full screen

I especially like the single post page where I’ve got the featured image of the day at 1800px wide in a cover format. With the higher quality from my camera and the larger format the posts become more of an exposition of the work rather then just details.

I designed the home page to be all about the details of my daily work. For me, what is most important about this blog is the tracking of my daily time doing art. So the session number, work number and duration is displayed front and center. It is also really nice to see the consecutive dates march across the screen.

I’m still in the testing phase of this theme even though I’ve released it, so if it is not looking good on your browser write a comment and I’ll get it fixed up.

Painting Thighs
Painting Thighs

This painting is coming along nicely but I need to be careful. There is a detail and expression of form in the right half of the figure that I’m losing in the left half. I’ll have to work on bringing it back for the next session on this painting.

Painting Thighs, detail
Painting Thighs, setup

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  1. Either I didn’t notice it before, or it wasn’t displayed, but I like the addition of your data- the hours you spent on the session, how many sessions you’ve completed, how may works of art you have completed. Nice addition to help gauge your progress.


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