Painting Planes

There is something about male models with their sharp edges and we defined transitions of value that I find it easy to simplify and just focus on painting planes.

I refined the face a bit more today and the hair. But, the edges of the hair look incorrect, it is not subtle enough for actual hair so I will have to rework it later. I want to refine these areas more but I think it will work better if I let those areas dry before working into them again. Mainly because I need to lighten up some areas and that is very hard to do when working wet paint over wet paint. The white I’m using (flake white) has very little tinting strength so it get muddied very easily with paint already on the paper.

Here is where photos really fail. The dark areas of the hair and the cast shadow on the neck are devoid of life in the photo. It is all basically one tone. I tried to add more interest to these areas with a subtle transition of color. But, I’m almost certain that if I were viewing this model in real life I would have seen much more than what the photo is showing me.

Side note, I’m very close to purchasing my first DSLR camera. Once I do get it I will be doing a lot of tests with taking photos of my daily work and I’ll write all about my findings here. It is going to be nice to have a direct detailed comparison between basic photos with my iPhone and a professional camera.

Painting Planes
Painting Planes
Painting Planes, setup

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