Painting Arm Anatomy

The current model that I’m painting is very thin and provides a great opportunity for studying anatomy while painting.

I mentioned last post about New Masters Academy and the anatomy videos by Rey Bustos. If you really want to learn anatomy I highly recommend watching those videos several times while drawing along with Ray.

So I figured I would do a bit of refresher on the anatomy of the arm while I’m painting this model. The muscles and tendons here are very interesting. Also as soon as you get into the forearm and all the flexors and extensors it gets really confusing. I think my diagram below isn’t 100% accurate with the extensors, but it is pretty close.

Painting Arm Anatomy, diagram

I was very interested in the shapes created by the triceps tendon in the models arm. Because he has such little fat content you can see more details than normal. I’m not down to the forearm yet on my figure but I did work on the deltoid and triceps today. I’m really taking my time here, trying to see as much as I can.

Painting Arm Anatomy
Painting Arm Anatomy
Painting Arm Anatomy, setup

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