Painting a Hand

I spent the whole 2 hours session this morning painting a hand. I guess it doesn’t need saying but I’m really taking my time with this figure painting.

How long does it take to paint a figure?

Here is a question which I’ve never really answered directly. But I’ve always had this feeling in the back of my head that is shouldn’t take as long as I’m spending currently. Again, I bring up the focus on time because, if I change my idea if time and how it is connected to art then in most cases I relieve myself of a lot of pressure. I don’t feel a need to complete a painting in a certain amount of time now. If I take 200 hours on one small painting then that is ok.

So now I ask, “Does time matter?”.

For me time matters for my daily goals. I want to spend as many hours as I’m motivated to spend on art a day and tracking this time feeds into the motivation. So for this instance time is very important to me. But, I think for individual works, time is irrelevant.

So how long does it take to paint a figure?… It takes as long as it takes.

Painting a Hand
Painting a Hand
Painting a Hand, setup

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