Pacific Rim Landscape

It’s been a while since I’ve done a landscape and I have forgotten how wonderful it can be. Surrounded by nothing but nature I was able to lose myself and focus deeply on this pacific rim landscape.

So my wife dropped me off a the Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship in Coupville and I walked north into the forest.

pacific rim landscape, my setup location
my setup location
Pacific Rim Landscape, deep forest subject
deep forest subject

Here is the first scene that I chose after walking for a while. I really loved all the verticals in this subject and the pops of intense light on each trunk.

Pacific Rim Landscape, deep forest attempt
deep forest attempt

But after about 30 minutes of painting I soon realized that I was out of my depth here. It’s been too long since I’ve been confronted with so much random information in a landscape and I had a very difficult time organizing it on canvas. Plus it didn’t help that the slightest shift in light would make the scene completely different. So, I abandoned this painting in search for an easier target.

Pacific Rim Landscape, subject

Here is what I chose to paint.

Pacific Rim Landscape, start lighting
start lighting

Here is my setup, you can see that I’m painting over an old painting of a figure done a long while ago.

Pacific Rim Landscape, end lighting
end lighting

And here is the painting on location after close to two hours of painting. You can see that the light at this angle didn’t change much in that time so I was able to focus much more.

Pacific Rim Landscape, camper drawing setup
camper drawing setup

I was finished about 30 minutes before my wife came back to pick me up so I sat down and drew this camper in ink.

Pacific Rim Landscape, camper drawing
camper drawing

Little sketches like this are so much fun, and great training!

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