Orange Painting in Gouache

I tried a different setup today for painting this simple orange and I think I liked it better.

My usual setup includes a stay wet palette which is kinda bulky and you have to keep it flat all the time but I’ve seen so many artists just use a wet paper towel and a small mixing tray so I figured I would try it. Interestingly enough I like it better, it’s super low tech, very portable and works well.

The only issue I need to figure out is how to not use up so much paint each session. For this orange I put out some some colors that I didn’t use much of and now they are dry. I could reactivate them but I would rather try and be more conservative with my paints. Either that or I will have to throw away more paint than I want each session. There is a good reason to have a limited palette, to save money.

Orange Painting in Gouache, setup
Orange Painting in Gouache, setup 2
Setup 2
Orange Painting in Gouache, warmup
Orange Painting in Gouache, 1-2 min poses
1-2 min poses
Orange Painting in Gouache, 5-10 min poses
5-10 min poses

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