Orange Balance

Sunday’s are supposed to be my day to focus on landscape painting but today it was very rainy and cold so traveling to a location and painting was out of the question. I focused on still life instead. Orange balance looks like such a simple painting to do but again I was surprised at how the simplistic could be challenging.

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten to take photos of my setup or subject for this painting, so the featured image will just have to do.

Other than this painting I did have a very productive day, I finally got around to listing several of my paintings I did over the last few months on DailyPaintworks. Plus I got caught up on all my posts due to a recent business trip. I was even able to do some coding on my website and put back the Session Details section that appears on all my posts. This is great for tracking specific details of each of my paintings such as the size or how long I spent on it. So all in all it was a great day!

Session Details