I’ve been following Brian Johnson and his work on YouTube for years and now me and my wife have decided to make a huge commitment to his program.

Brian has started a “Coach” program on his website Optimize.me. 300 days of showing up and committing ourselves to making our lives even better. This is not a small decision, we agonized over it for days before we decided today to go all in. It’s going to be a lot of work but I think at the end of the 300 days we have a great chance to… well… I’m not sure but I do know that if we can put all the wisdom to use that Brian Johnson has spoke about for years we should be pretty amazing people.

For today’s session, I’m still drawing from YouTube, these sessions are kinda short, but it’s matching my current motivation. I want to start the next painting but I don’t enter into a painting on a whim, I need to really plan it out and have a clear idea/goal in mind before I make the commitment. I’m still working on that, until then I will have to be patient.

Session Details