Optimize Coach Graduation: Day 3

On day one of graduation I learned that I need some practice with sketching moving subject and use my memory more, today I practice it.

The Los Angeles LAX airport is a wonderful place for an unlimited supply of human, moving, subjects to practice sketching on the fly and trying to improve my visual memory. I just say at my gate and picked people at random. People close to me, far away, sitting, standing, all moving and all changing at a moments notice. I didn’t do great with this but I had a lot of fun trying to capture the essence of people.

What went well?

Great practice building my visual memory.

What didn’t go so well?

When starting out on this I should maybe pick some people in positions that are not going to move too much at first. Once I get better then I can pick people or anything that is moving constantly.

What did I learn?

If there is anything technology is good for is keeping people still long enough to sketch. The people that were on their computer or phone were much more stationary than others.

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