Optimize Coach Graduation: Day 1

After a very long morning we arrived in LA and started our first day with Optimize coach graduation. It was a wonderful day!

I can’t express all the energy and love that I have for this weekend and all the wonderful people I met. I hope to constantly remember this weekend and instill a part of that energy into my day to day life forever.

For my art today I started with some sketches of Brian and Micheal on stage which turned out terrible, which was awesome! I love failing at something in art, its a clear flashing indicator of something I need to work on and in this case I need to work on some urban sketching. Sketching in the wild where the subjects are moving a lot and I need to rely heavily on my memory. I’ve been trying to do some memory work lately but I think practicing this way will not only improve my skills but provide some great opportunities to sketch anytime anywhere.

I didn’t want to leave the day with just these couple sketches so I also spent some time at night in our hotel sketching while Pattie was working on her writing. That’s like us!!

What went well?

Absolutely wonderful day! Plus we got our art done!

What didn’t go so well?

Urban sketching needs work.

What did I learn?

I need to work on sketching quickly from memory.

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