Open Studio: Painting Randy

For the last few open studio sessions I was toying with the idea of bringing my paint setup. I finally did this time and I  had a great time painting Randy.

I didn’t get a lot done, but what I did get done I’m very happy with. I was trying to use this session to get some idea of color throughout the figure. Then use that information as a comparative with my works at home from photograph.

With the latest long term painting I’m working on I feel as though I’m pushing the color a bit too much. But, after today’s session I fell that maybe I’m not pushing it enough. There are so many variations of color over the whole body ranging from blueish green all the way to a super hot orange.

At some point what I would like to do is paint from a model. Then take a photo of the model and later paint from that photo and compare the change in color from life to photo.

Open Studio: Painting Randy
Open Studio: Painting Randy

I had to get out the smaller brushes for his head. It was some good practice painting the head this small. All I could do was get the value right and the color close, but above all I had to just focus on the major planes. I remember some videos from the Jeff Watts Atelier where he was doing a series of small head paintings. I’m just now realizing what good practice that is.

Open Studio: Painting Randy, detail

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