After the last few days of not having enough focus to finish anything good I was determined to gather my patience and focus in the open studio and practice drawing slowly with great accuracy. In a time when most of the art videos on Youtube are all about “speed” it’s not common to slow down.

One thing you never see in a gallery or a museum is a completion time next to the artists name. I would image that if we had to indicate that next to a John Singer Sargent portrait it would read something like.

“Begun on October 18th 1902 and after 2 months of sketch and 18 repaints, finished three years later”

The point is that good artwork takes time and great artwork takes 10 times longer. Yes, great artists tend to be faster at painting, but it isn’t like they are rushing to put paint on the canvas. Most of the time their speed comes from their ability to make good decisions.Chris beaven open studio warmup page

So after my warmup page above I focused on drawing slowly and making good decisions. I would like to get to a point where everything I put down on paper is correct the first time.

1.5 and 5 Minute Drawings

open studio gesture poses drawing slowlyA this point, with as slow as I’m drawing, I can only get the heads done. But, most of these head are very accurate and although I didn’t get much gesture of the body I did get the gesture of the heads correct.

15 Minute Drawings

chris beaven open studio drawing slowly

30 Minute Drawings

chris beaven open studio drawing slowlyThese were the best drawings of the night.

30 Minute Drawing

chris beaven open studio 30 minute drawingI was hoping my last drawing would have been as good as the previous two but the pose was very difficult and even though I was drawing slowly with high focus I couldn’t get it correct. I settled for focus on the form of the chest, there were a lot of nice reflected lights here.


  • Session: 981
  • Work: 832
  • Width: 18"
  • Height: 24"
  • Medium: Charcoal
  • Location: Hipbone Open Studio
  • Art Time: 3
  • Creative Time:



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