On To The Next Painting

Today I finished up this female figure with painting her legs and feet and now I’m on to the next painting. I may do some touchup to this work once it is dry, and I definitely need to varnish it and take better photos of it.

I’m not sure what figure I’m going to do next. I contemplating moving away from the New Master Academy images and searching for other images online. Or maybe I will take my own, I’m not really sure. I’m also a bit motivated by the self portraits that I posted by Rembrandt the other day, so maybe I should do a long term self portrait. I have to give it some thought.

On To The Next Painting
On To The Next Painting
On To The Next Painting, setup


2 thoughts on “On To The Next Painting”

  1. I’d really like to see a comparison of one of your first sessions from photos/online “life” drawing. And I know you’ve already chosen your next subject by now but I’d also be very interested in you repeating that same painting now. I mean, if you are up for it, but I would find the comparison interesting


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