Oasis in the Street

For my exercise yesterday I went on a long walk around the neighborhood and I had the pleasure of experiencing this amazing oasis in the street and it’s caretaker.

I didn’t say much to the lady due to covid-19 restrictions other than to say that the flower garden she was tending looked beautiful.

oasis in the street watercolor

When times are difficult with restrictions and the media is blowing up with a constant fire-hose of negativity we all can find it hard to see the beauty that is surrounded by asphalt.

But it’s there we just have to look for it.

And regardless how often you see reports on the new of people not doing their best, just remember that there are a ton of other people living quiet productive lives and striving daily to make this world a beautiful place.

See the small oasis in the street and the beauty that is around. You just have to look.

Lastly, after doing a little bit of research for the purpose of these street flower beds I learned that their purpose is to slow down motorists and calm traffic.

I love that most of the methods employed to slow down cars and keep people safe is adding more nature!

What went well?

Great day for energy again and I was able to plan my day well.

What didn’t go so well?

I had to focus on a minimum art day of 30+ minutes because I had to go to the doctor and drive for a couple hours. So, not time to work on gestures or the next Nicolaides exercise and not time for the Sherlock drawing.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Recognizing the constraints of my day and planning for them is super important to have a productive and meaningful day.

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