New Figure Painting: Start Two, Going Bigger

Now I’m getting kind of nervous, I haven’t done a figure painting this big in over 10 years. I’m bound to learn something!

The name of the game is all about pushing yourself. Any time I do something well I give myself a mental pat on the back and of course I feel good. But, right after that I think, “Okay, where is the next peek”. Although this isn’t like a 60 second commercial where all the hard work is smashed into a few frames and the rest is all celebration. (See, Mastery by George Leonard) If it were that easy everyone would be Rembrandt.  I have to temper my excitement, I want to move forward so bad, I want to be working on the paintings that define me as artist, maybe what I’m doing now is that, I have no idea. That is the issue. Here is the necessity for time, I’ve been diligent at this for only 4+ years. Of course I have some background before that but this is still the beginning. I’ve come a long way but I have an even longer way to go.

Diligent, persistent, patient. A very smart woman told me that.

Sorry for the ramble above, not sure where that came from. I guess I use this blog sometimes as a diary… Anyway, I’m excited about starting a new figure painting so large. I took a long time to just gesso this 25″ x 19″ sheet of paper.

New Figure Painting: Start Two, Going Bigger
New Figure Painting: Start Two, Going Bigger

When starting these paintings I utilize some guide lines for faster drawing and fewer corrections. I never ever trace, but I am cheating a bit. Yes I could spend several sessions getting the drawing perfect through corrections but I’m choosing to speed up the process a bit.

You can see in the drawing above my initial scratchy drawing where I eyeball placement. I then take a photo of my initial drawing and overlay it on the photo then make corrections based on the comparison. Honestly, I always feel a bit sheepish about doing this, like I’m taking the easy way out. And that is just the case, this is much easier and faster. This is why I feel that my weekly life drawing is so important. Using a grid like this is a slippery slope and I should never depend upon it.

New Figure Painting: Start Two, Going Bigger, setup

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