Necessary Interruption

I only spent an hour drawing today as I was interrupted by work.

I had made a decision about 10 years ago that I would not use my artwork as a main source of income. I’ve never liked marketing and pricing my work, so I don’t sell it. I used to sell some still life paintings that I did a year or so ago, but I’ve stopped that also because I’m focusing on the figure. Plus I’d rather spend time on art than trying to sell.

So my very necessary interruption is work. I’m very fortunate because I love my job. I honestly really like what I do, so it’s not a bad interruption, just necessary.

Anyway, I could have finished this drawing on this session, but it will have to wait till tomorrow.

Necessary Interruption
Necessary Interruption
Necessary Interruption, detail
Necessary Interruption, setup

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