More Setup Than Drawing

I only spent about 30 minutes drawing today, but I spent more than 3 hours setting up for the next painting and learning how to take better photos of my work.

So I had much more setup than drawing today, but I consider this to be all part of art making. I gessoed a sheet of paper for the next painting. Then I did some gesture and 5 minute drawings.

More Setup Than Drawing, 2 min
2 minute gestures
More Setup Than Drawing, 5 min
5 minute poses

I had the most fun taking a ton of pictures of one of my better paintings while watching youtube videos on photography and reading about photographing paintings. This video was super helpful in explaining what ISO, Aperture and shutter speed is and how to correctly use them. Before I watched that video the images I shot were not much better than my iPhone shots. I also was reading through the ever helpful Draw Mix Paint site. I constantly go back to this site for practical help on oil painting. Here is a super long write up on how to take photos of your work and utilize Photoshop best in post processing of your images. Below is a small example of the amazing quality of images I’m getting now. I plan on doing a very large write up on my process soon.

More Setup Than Drawing, sample
Sample Photo

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  1. Yes, and to anyone else reading this, even an untrained artist could see the difference once the trained artist makes you get up and shows you “iPhone photo”/”professional camera photo” back and forth.
    I think this aspect of your art will take some extra time at first, but it is important to your art, so it “counts” so to speak.


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