More Drawing Mediums

Its time to experiment with more drawing mediums and these are inspired by what Steve Huston uses.

Check out this video to see Steve Huston in action while answering questions from other artists. I started this drawing using the same exact materials Steve is using. The beginning is a bit rough but I have some great ideas of where to take it from here.

I’m using Strathmore 300 Bristol dry media paper. Alphacolor pastel sticks, conte a paris sticks, a stump and an eraser. At some point I’m going to add in some conte a paris 1710 charcoal and more graphite. I’m going mixed media!

Captain Jack sparrow drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

Having some trouble with keeping the lines straight this afternoon which is a great indication that I need to double down on my focus before getting into the rest of my art.


The 250 box challenge continues! This page is the best so far only one error for most of the boxes.

draw a box exercise

One Minute Gestures

I’m using the conte a paris 1710 B pencils for these gestures and by the end I was feeling comfortable enough to add some calligraphy into my strokes.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I picked a subject for my sketch today that had a lot of ellipses so that I could practice them with the brush pen. Geez these are super hard with that pen.

The composition is of my wife stretching at the part in the shade of a tree. She looks so much better than I drew her here. 🙂

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

Focused art afternoon and I get to experiment with more drawing mediums, woot!

What needs work?

Oscillate between standing and sitting during my art session.

What did I learn?

I’m learning a ton about the new materials I’m using for the Jack Sparrow drawing. The Alphacolor pastel really needs blending or it has way too much texture of the paper. The conte a paris stick can get some great detail if you sharpen it but I think the 1710 pencils are better for detail. I’m loving how a stump will have a bit of medium left on it so that I can us it as a drawing tool also.

Session Details