More Composition Work Than Drawing Tonight

Tonight I worked totally on composition of some still life objects I pulled from around the house. These may look like they were selected at random but there is a method to why I chose these objects and it all starts with composition work.

Here is what I want to do. I want to work on drawing and painting basic objects correctly. I also want to make a good painting and drawing. One that I like to look at and hang up, maybe even sale. Basically throughout the whole process I want to be learning something and moving my artistic skills forward while at the same time enjoying what I do and at the end coming away from it with a nice piece that I’m proud of. I think that just about sums it up.

I’m going to try and accomplish all of this by planning a process that I can use for any piece of art. I have neglected too many of the following aspects with my artwork and sometimes the end result is less than desired, so time to get organized.

The Plan

  • For Still Life
    • Idea: What do I want to accomplish with the still life, or what do I want to work on.
    • Select: Select objects that will support the idea.
    • Composition Work: Spend a good amount of time composing and thumb-nailing to get the best composition of the objects. Also take photos and use digital means to help with composition.
    • Drawing: Either on canvas or paper, draw the objects with perfect proportion to scale of final work. Always do this in charcoal pencil first, here is the chance to work on drawing and proportion most.
    • Values: Establish a value range on the drawing and plan out the values through every object. Make notes if necessary, lightest light, darkest dark, etc…
    • Edges: While establishing the values in the drawing do the same for edges. Figure out the range of edges throughout the objects and make notes.
    • Color: Plan colors according to what will best support the idea and composition. Make sure I have the paint to achieve odd colors. Limit the palette.

Now I just need to follow this. I’ll probably print it out and put it next to my easel. Next I need to figure out a plan for all the types of work I do. Portrait, figure, landscape, etc…

More Composition Work Than Drawing Tonight
Photo of composition, not sure if I will stick with this setup yet

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