Monochrome Start #6

I’m caught up on my posts and I’m happy with a monochrome start for once.

I’m using the same method as before, burnt umber thinned with linseed oil on gessoed paper with a worn stiff brush. Oh! Also I’m using some Q-tips to blend and fix drawing as these paintings are a bit small.

This drawing went much better because I didn’t rely too much on measuring. I know that sounds weird but some times if I rely too much on measuring every part of the figure it becomes stiff, or stilted.

I did some initial measuring. Head size first, then a number of head units down to make sure it would fit on the canvas. Other than that I was just working slowly and comparing as I went with almost every stroke.

I’ve learned to use every bit of information that the photo give me. I don’t just focus on getting the measurement correct with the outline of the figure only. I’ll use shadow shapes on the body, visible bones and changes in value indicating planes.

This is not a finished painting, it’s not meant to be. But there is a point in every paintings beginning where you can feel that it is going to work well. Even at this unfinished stage of this painting I felt that I could continue on and create a well done work.

Monochrome Start #6
Monochrome Start #6
Monochrome Start #6, setup

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