Monochrome Start #29

I moved very slowly through this monochrome start and still I find issues with my drawing.

In almost all occasions the accuracy of my drawing is thwarted by the judgement of width almost throughout the figure. Also, height seems to be an issue with I move further away from the head, which I always use as my unit of measure.

My last few monochrome starts have not been the best because I’m choosing photographic reference that I know will challenge me and expose the issues I have with proportion. Basically poses that have a higher ratio in height than width.

Now, I will say that some of my errors are not noticeable until I do a direct compare overlay of my drawing with the photo. Honestly I could get away with most of my initial drawings but I’m trying to achieve a mastery here so exposing all faults no matter how small is the key.

This is why I’m choosing the figure, basically the hardest thing to draw, poses that I know will be difficult to get the proportions correct and a brush which in many cases is unwieldy and has a tendency for inaccuracy.

Monochrome Start #29
Monochrome Start #29
Monochrome Start #29, setup

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