Monochrome Start #25

Before I was able to begin this monochrome start I needed to spend some time preparing more paper.

The drawings are going much faster now with much better accuracy. I’ll have to test my improvement by using one of my previous images a few weeks back.

Monochrome Start #25
Monochrome Start #25

In some instances close is good enough. I like the drawing I did here, but when comparing I see that it is off from the image.

I’m beginning to see that communicating with imagery doesn’t need photographic accuracy. The next challenge may be to look at the image and determine what I want to communicate and make that more important than exact drawing.

Don’t misunderstand though, drawing well is still an essential part of representational art. It’s easy for a lot of us artists to excuse bad drawing with flippant creativity.  I’ve done my share of lying to myself in this regard.

Monochrome Start #25, compare
Monochrome Start #25, setup


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