Monochrome Start #22

A monochrome start with extreme foreshortening.

I’ve been pulling images from youtube lately. Some of them from the Draw This channel and some from the Croquis Cafe channel. This monochrome start today was from the Croguis Cafe.

I wanted to do this drawing well, but for some reason I’m just not as focused as I could be. I ended up making the models head much too large and sending the rest of her body off the canvas.

More and more I feel as though I could get anything drawing right if I just force myself to spend three hours and have enough energy to keep focus for that long. I’m able to do this with life drawing on Saturday, and I think that is mainly due to the breaks we take for the model every 20 minutes. I’ll have to setup my next drawing in that format.

Monochrome Start #22
Monochrome Start #22
Monochrome Start #22, setup

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