Monochrome Start #16

The monochrome start went very smoothly today.

I was able to do this drawing in about a half hour. Almost every line I put down was in the correct place. Most of my time this session was use preparing some more gessoed paper.

I also like this pose, I’m thinking about continuing this drawing for next session.

Keeping it simple with the materials as always I’m using some hot press Arches watercolor paper 16X12. The paper is Gessoed on both sides, two coats on the front side. I use a Speedball roller to flatten out the Gesso for every coat on the front, to get the texture I like. The for the drawing I used an old worn down bristle brush and burnt umber barely thinned down with some linseed oil.

Monochrome Start #16
Monochrome Start #16
Monochrome Start #16, setup

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