Monochrome Start #14

I’m retrying the previous image and spending more time on it. This painting turned out a bit better.

I’m on number 14 of these monochrome starts and monotony is starting to set in. I know that I need to do a lot of these to get proficient at them so I have to fight the urge to start something different.

Monochrome Start #14
Monochrome Start #14
Monochrome Start #14, setup

1 thought on “Monochrome Start #14”

  1. Yeah, there is a constant struggle with me to keep a large amount of variety in my life- diet, workouts, even writing. But then I recognize the benefits of sticking with something until the end. Sticking with swimming. Sticking to a routine meal plan. Finish my damn book before getting distracted with other ridiculous projects (that’s my favorite).
    Push through the monotony for now. If it gets too demotivating or frustrating, then pursue something different to just shake the hum-drum-ness.


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