Monochrome Figure in Landscape

We had our life drawing group outside today. The weather was pleasant, the artists were happy and the model was great.

I stuck with my on going theme of monochrome starts and I was very surprised of how well the drawing went. There is always room for improvement but I didn’t feel much frustration during the process, which is usually a sign that all is going bad.

Monochrome Figure in Landscape, first pose
First Pose

We switched to  a second pose after an hour or so of posing. The standing pose was good but the second seated pose was even better.

Monochrome Figure in Landscape, first setup
First Pose Setup
Monochrome Figure in Landscape, second pose
Second Pose

With this small size of canvas I’m finding it very difficult to get some detail and accuracy in the face of the model.

Monochrome Figure in Landscape, second setup
Second Pose Setup

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Figure in Landscape”

  1. The drawing with paint brings a very nostalgic old time feel to the work. I think it also has to do with the clothing on the model, but it has a very 19th century feel to it in the color and tone.


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