Monochromatic Figure

Tonight I didn’t have any motivation to do anything. I’m not sure what put me in this slump but it is serious. Luckily I picked up my Alla Prima book by Richard Schmid and was soon inspired by one of his monochromatic figure paintings and I decided to try my hand at something similar.

My first mistake with this painting was adding white. It turned the figure into a zombie. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I have read many times that when doing monochromatic washes to only use the canvas as your lighter value. But, I was painting on a gray canvas so my lighter values were not light enough, hence the white.

Monochromatic Figure: setup

Monochromatic Figure Post Inspiration

Monochromatic Figure: Richard Schmid Nude
Richard Schmid

This is the exact painting that inspired me from Richard Schmid’s book Alla Prima. I’m still marveling at the seemingly ease at which he painted this figure. It looks as if there is only a few strokes on this canvas and yet the figure is elegantly drawn. Sigh… one day mr Schmid, one day…

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