Micro Wins

Due to a long day at work I had to practice many micro wins today and settle for a very short art day.

Before I even knew of the term “micro wins” I had committed to at least 30 minutes of art each day for the rest of my life. Now, after over seven years of daily art practice I use this concept for almost everything I do.

The micro wins concept is simple. Any important task you have, or habit you want to create, you define a minimum for it. This minimum could be a number, such as a word count or an amount of time.

For example. I wanted to create a lasting habit of flossing my teeth every night. But, I didn’t start by flossing all of my teeth every night, I worked my way up to it by getting in the habit of just flossing 3 or 4 teeth a night. Eventually I increased that number. Now it’s a habit and I floss all my teeth nightly.

If a day happens to arise, and they always do, when I don’t have time or willpower to do the full task, like flossing my teen, exercising or making art I make sure I do my minimum.

I give my permission to suck but not to skip.

Building awesome habits are essential for creating a life well lived and feeling accomplished an fulfilled even on the craziest day. I would highly recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear if you want to know everything about rocking amazing habits.

Daily composition

My micro wins in art today is a quick sketch of a lady that I pass almost every morning walking. I started drawing her with a plan to do the street she walks on and the beautiful landscape behind her. But, I became interested in trying to take the first drawing I did in the center and repeating it from different angles.

Wow! This is a practice I should do more often. It was stretching my brain to the limit.

All these parts and pieces of human anatomy that I have no idea what looks like from certain angles. This will take years and lots of study to get correct.

What is interesting is that this composition would have come out looking somewhat similar to my very first daily composition done a few weeks ago.

What went well?

Collected a lot of micro wins today in everything.

What needs work?

Need to be more effective at work so I have more time for other things.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I need to practice drawing the figure from many angles.

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