Measuring Cup and Pear

Tonight my painting Measuring cup and pear was inspired by a book by Gregg Kreutz, called Problem Solving for Oil PaintersMy painting is nothing like what Gregg Kreutz painting looked like but it has similar subjects.

Measuring cup and pear: inspiration from Gregg Kreutz
Inspiration painting from Gregg Kreutz

I was flipping through the book specifically looking for inspiration when I came across the photo of this painting and knew that I could at least setup a still life with similar objects. I really like how in Gregg Kreutz’s painting the pear reflects light on the coffee pot and the spoon reflects light onto the pear. I had to try several metal cups and spoons to get a close approximation of the reflected light.

Measuring Cup and Pear: Setup photo
Setup Photo

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the cast shadow in my painting. After setting up the still life I say the shadow and new that I would have to orient my canvas to capture it.

Measuring Cup and Pear: subject photo
Subject Photo

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