Martinson Home Tree

I had a lot of fun drawing this tree and starting super detailed.

I just started drawing a small part of the tree and trying to accurately render the complicated twists and turns of each piece of wood as I expanded out from my starting point. It was very much like meditation. I was outside without a lot of noise beyond the forest and wind and the temperature was warm. I kinda lost myself in just following the flow of this tree and it’s growth in life as well as on my sketch book. I didn’t care if I finished or if I even drew it well. It was completely about the process of seeing and translating beauty.

What went well?

I had a great time accurately drawing this tree and letting it’s visual presence flow through me.

What didn’t go so well?

I could have done less of the tree and focused a bit more on the texture of the wood. Really getting deep into the visual translation.

What did I learn?

Sketching is wonderful when you care nothing for it’s outcome and focus solely on the process.

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