Male Figure, Session 1

I’m back to doing longer multiple sessions on the figure in oil now. Again this Male figure is pulled from a photo off of the New Masters Academy website.

Lately I have been spending a lot of my day thinking about a specific genre of art that I should focus on, or trying to figure out what I’m most motivated to draw and paint. Eventually I would like to focus on larger paintings, something I can eventually show in a gallery, but the trouble I’m having is figuring out what to paint. I have a lot of ideas but nothing has really presented itself worthy of years of focus. Eventually I will figure it out, until now I will continue to work hard on getting my skills better.

Male Figure, Session 1, setup

2 thoughts on “Male Figure, Session 1”

  1. Tarzan makes for a good life drawing model…
    Hey, if you are motivated to do life drawings, well then, guess you have your answer on what to focus on, right?


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