Male Figure Painting: Session 9, Painting Abs

I spent two hours painting abs today. Not that I’m upset about that, it’s just interesting that it took that long for me to paint abs.

I’m thinking that I need to paint the whole bottom half of the figure with simple planes the next session. The legs and pelvis of the figure haven’t been touched thus far and I fear they will not look as good if I don’t work it up in layers.

Something I just realized, is that I’m using these posts and the photos of the progress of my work to critique and plan adjustments. For instance, I’m thinking the edges of the hair on the chest and the edges of the abs need work. There are a few other things I notice that I need to work on but I just realized the true advantage of writing posts daily of unfinished works. I’ve written several times about how helpful it is to look at photos of your work during its completion and I didn’t realize that I’ve actually been putting that into practice daily.

Male Figure Painting: Session 9, Abs, setup

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