Male Figure Drawing

Inspired by watching a video from Robert Liberace call The Figure  in Motion I decided to try his technique with my own male figure drawing. It didn’t turn out near as good as his but that is to be expected.

I believe if I was a bit more focused on this drawing tonight I would have accomplished something a bit better but it was enjoyable anyway. The video was actually really interesting to watch and very informative. I wasn’t aware of how knowledgeable Robert Liberace was with anatomy. While he was drawing he was pointing out all of the bones and muscles, even the very small hard to remember ones like all the muscles in the forearm.

The figure is such an engrossing and complex subject that I know I could spend a lifetime learning all its aspects. I should really add a day of anatomy study to my week. This could be helpful in more than just an artistic pursuit also, because my wife and I workout regularly and knowing the anatomy of the body can help tremendously with that.

male figure drawing: setup

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