Make Space

After some deep thought I’ve decided to cut out one of my daily exercises for now and make space for what is most important. At some point in the future I will return to my Steve Huston exercises.

Yoda Drawing

I was certain that I was done with Yoda’s portrait so I moved on to his clothing and body. But after seeing my drawing in a smaller digital form I don’t like how is neck flattens out below his chin. Describing the turn of that cylindrical form better will be my next task.

Yoda drawing in graphite

I discovered an awesome tip for graphite you may be able to use. Previously I was using a small bristle brush to move the graphite around, soften edges and fill in the texture of the paper for a more smooth gradation.

But today I started using a blending stump. I haven’t used one of these in years mainly because lots of artists dislike them and I used to be influenced too much by others. Now I try to see every negative as a positive. If putting a medium on a surface produces an unsatisfactory result log that as a possible new application that could work for a different piece. Under completely different circumstances it could work great.

Back to the blending stump. I noticed that the blending stump will push the graphite around into a super soft value, almost like a mist or cloud. But the bristle brush will move the graphite around only a bit and still keep the harder edges intact. Further still, the use of a finger blends graphite only slightly leaving all edges. Lastly, not blending at all will be another level. With this I’ve just tremendously increased my range of edges in any given drawing. Add to that the combination of charcoal into the mix and I have something potentially magnificent. I’m excited to keep developing the process.

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

Hopefully I will make some time to explain my warm-up exercise further in another post. Whenever I do that I will link it on my daily posts.


I fixed my page is ellipses on planes from yesterday by adding the ellipses and I also finished one page of plotted perspective boxes.

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

Unfortunately it has become very obvious that I should cut out these exercises until I’ve finished with The Natural Way to Draw exercises. I doing this not only to free up more time for my Fandom Fitness drawing but to also free up my focus on all other exercises and spend more time on the exercises.

After the last couple days of head studies I’ve realized that I need to thoroughly improve my mental representations of space. So I will make space in time so I can further my understanding of objects in space.

Memory Gestures

I have to laugh at these drawings every time I do them. A few of these 20 second gestures from memory actually work well but the majority look pretty bad. Alas, this is not the purpose of the exercise I need to separate myself from the product and focus on the process.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Pattie and I went on a grand bike ride yesterday and had lunch next to the sound in Fairhaven Washington. The scene was beautiful and I decided to do the composition in my new brush pen. This thing is awesome and it creates marks that look very similar to Rembrandt’s quick sketches.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Another relaxing day of art and I think I will have many more relaxing days.

What needs work?

I would like to try my art session without any music to see if I can get into a deeper focus.

What did I learn?

Read above the few paragraphs where I talk about my further discover of more versatility with graphite.

Session Details