Lose Focus, Go Easy

I accept that I lose focus every now and then. So, in order to not screw up to bad I just move to the easy parts.

For today’s session I don’t think I got enough sleep so I was a bit out of focus and just painting aimlessly. Normally this could be very detrimental to the work, especially if I was working on something like the portrait, or the hands. But, I recognized my lack of focus and moved to the background of the painting. This way all I had to focus on was just getting the color right and fill it in like I was painting a wall.

This idea works really well if you ever don’t feel like getting started on artwork. Just tell yourself that you will work on a small part or a very easy part for about 30 minutes. Then it doesn’t seem so daunting. Usually, you will work longer anyway, but if you don’t no big deal.

Lose Focus, Go Easy
Lose Focus, Go Easy

These first sessions on this painting are just an under coat of paint, establishing basic value, color and drawing. I realized days ago that I’m going to have to go over the entire painting again with what I will call the finishing strokes.

I may even focus on using some transparency as the right side of the painting will be dry by the time I get back to working on it’s finishing strokes.

Lose Focus, Go Easy, detail
Lose Focus, Go Easy, setup

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