Living Room: Red Suitcase

I repainted the suitcase. I didn’t like the gray that I made it.

The red suitcase in the foreground of the picture is very red and I feared that its chroma would distract from the rest of the painting. So on an earlier session I decided to paint it gray. Well I’ve been looking at this painting for days and I hated the gray.

For today’s session I decided to move it back to red but this time I really subdued the chroma of the red and I really think it works well. Not only that I think the red tone really brings the foreground items forward and creates a better idea of space. I may expand on this idea by having more red items in the foreground and maybe even changing the background items to a blue tint to see what happens.

Living Room: Red Suitcase
Living Room: Red Suitcase
Living Room: Red Suitcase, setup

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