Living Room: Lack of Focus

While painting a ton of complex stuff today I realize my current lack of focus.

Over the 5 years of doing art daily I have realized that the one thing that without a doubt will always turn out a good piece is focus. If I’m focused and really observing, constantly in the moment, then all goes spectacularly well.

Today’s session didn’t go super bad but while painting some complex stuff I felt like I was really phoning it in. My values are off a bit and the color isn’t what I want it to be, plus some of the drawing is a bit sloppy…

I keep thinking that on the next pass, in which I will go over this entire painting again, I will fix all my current mistakes and it will be easier due to the somewhat accurate under layer of paint. I just hope that my ability to focus better will come back by that time.

Living Room: Lack of Focus
Living Room: Lack of Focus
Living Room: Lack of Focus, setup

1 thought on “Living Room: Lack of Focus”

  1. What’s the difference between zoning out, phoning in, and getting into a meditative groove? I feel painting could be a fairly meditative activity, but I tend to zone out too much when meditating.
    Anyways, I would be a little careful of making bold “oh, I’ll fix it next time around” because who knows if you will be phoning it in then too? Let yourself have an off session, or even an off-moment within a session but always try to maintain your focus. And I’d encourage you to try to pull yourself back in rather than say “I’ll fix it next time around”


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