Living Room: Double Time

Tonight I spent 2 hours painting which is a great achievement as it has been a while since I could manage that much time in one day.

One of my biggest goals is to reach 10,000 hours in artwork accumulated daily. I keep track of my daily progress on this goal and after the last look I have 7,000 hours left to go. So in 5 years I have done about 3,000 hours. That is an average of 1.64 hours a day. Now if I continue this pace and work on average 1.64 hours a day then it will take me close to 12 years to reach my goal. I really wanted to reach my goal by the time I turned 50 in 7.5 years, but in order to achieve that I will have to increase my daily art to 2.5 hours every single day, yikes.

It may not seem like much but when you have a job and everything else going on in life, carving out 2.5 hours for art a day sounds really hard. Not to mention the motivation that goes along with this. Maybe if I didn’t have a job and I supported my self through art this this time would be much easier I think.

Anyway, regardless of the daunting road I’ve set myself upon, I’m happy that today I was able to do 2 hours of artwork. It’s all about small steps and working my way up to greatness. If I can improve just 1% every day then I’m doing awesome!

Living Room: Double Time
Living Room: Double Time
Living Room: Double Time, detail
Living Room: Double Time, setup

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