Living Room: Color Dilemma

As I slowly complete this painting I have run across a color dilemma.

In the foreground of the photograph there is a bag and it is hot pink. Not only can I not reach that color with my current palette but I don’t think I want to. I feel that the hot pink bag will attract too much attention.

Although I did do some test colors on the painting so I could live with them for a couple days and see if I should subdue the chroma or change the colors all together.

My initial feeling is to change the colors to something much more bland. That is include the red suitcase that is under the pink bag. I like that there are a few dots of higher intensity colors over the painting, but pink and red just attracts way too much attention.

Living Room:  Color Dilemma
Living Room: Color Dilemma
Living Room: Color Dilemma, setup

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