Living Room: Cat Carrier

For this session I paint a cat carrier and I think about the truth of everything.

Every thing in this painting is an accurate representation of pieces of our lives. Each item has a history, some are dear to us and others already live at the thrift store. I feel that it is important to capture the truth of each of these items, as accurately as possible regardless of my connection with them.

Many times I feel the need to abstract out shapes so the painting isn’t so detailed and just capture the idea of whatever piece of ephemera I’m painting at the time. That approach would be a lot easier. But then I catch myself, and reconsider, I want to capture the truth of this image, the detail, maybe even the history. Yes, I’m painting from a photo and copying what I see and this is okay. The essence of the scene is still being filtered through my eyes, my brain and hand. I don’t care to be photo-realistic but I do care that I capture the truth of each item.

So, I’m painting a cat carrier today and I want to get the sculpted plastic ridges correct on the corners and those so perfectly aligned ovals cut in the side. This is important to me.

Living Room: Cat Carrier
Living Room: Cat Carrier
Living Room: Cat Carrier, setup

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