Living Room: Breaking it Up

To bolster my motivation I’m not focusing on all the work it will take to finish this painting, I’m breaking it up into easier chunks.

I was wrong in my previous post, it is too early to determine if this painting is working or not. I’m just suffering from a lack of motivation.

We all tend to loo at the big, long term, goals all the time. Such as losing fifty pounds or a finished painting that is going to take months. Rather than focusing on the small steps that eventually lead to those huge goals. What we should focus on are the routines we put in place that will make reaching our large goals inevitable.

I always need to remind myself of this especially on this painting, it’s going to take a while and I was just thinking about the end of the process. But, for tonight’s session I tried to put all of that out of my head and just focus on getting a small bit of the surface covered.

Living Room: Breaking it Up
Living Room: Breaking it Up
Living Room: Breaking it Up, setup

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