Living Room: A Small Area

When the day isn’t going well and I’m having a hard time just getting started, I concentrate on a small area to keep focus.

Life and painting have many correlations.  The one I’m facing today is worrying about a long term result rather than what I can only effect today. We have a tendency to think only about the end of the journey rather than the few steps we can take today.

I worry about how these paintings are going to turn out or if I can get them done in a timely manner when I should be confident in the daily practice I put in place and focus on making today’s session go as well as possible. Because, I know that if I do each session well I will eventually reach my end goal, there is no need to worry about that if I have good processes in place.

So today I focused on a small area, and as long as I keep showing up daily and doing the best I can at what I can effect today I know that eventually I will achieve what I want.

Living Room: A Small Area
Living Room: A Small Area
Living Room: A Small Area, setup

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