The Light Through An Orange Slice

I have always enjoyed how intense light becomes after it passes through a liquid, or a semi liquid object. With an orange the light becomes so intense I find it hard to match in paint. With this still life I have at least one example of light through an orange slice.

I spent a few minutes cutting these oranges. My wife asked if I was Okay becuase I was just staring at a half sliced for a minute before cutting it up further. I was fine, I just noticed the difference in the shape of the pulp depending on how you cut up the orange. I wondered how the light would change as it passes through the orange depending on how I cut it..

I arranged the still life so that I could see the shadow side of one slice after the light had passed through its pulp. But I also wanted to see the differences in light as it hit the side of an orange directly and what kind of color would happen on a orange peel in shadow. I guess its more of a short study of different intensity of light on an orange.

The Setup


The Subject


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